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Brandy 33 Year Old 500ml

From the very inception of Australia's rich history in wine, distillation has been present - spirit was a mandatory requirement by happenstance of a demand and predominance for fortified wines pre-1950, in this sunburnt country. There was once a time when entire wine regions, such as the Barossa Valley - were covered in distilleries, from small craft-sized to industrial quasi-refineries. Now only a select few remain surviving the previous 30 years, and have lasted until the current renaissance in craft spirits. We searched high and low to find the remnants of our great history in distillation - in the vein hope that some of the spirit may have survived the raft of demises for a slow-moving-and-maturing product - be that export, blending away, outright destruction or the dreaded BVS (big vat in the sky). 

By complete and utter chance, we stumbled on what could be one of the greatest stores of old spirit, in this country - more surprisingly, there were no plans to ever release it to the public. It was through months of collaboration, tasting and identifying stand-out drams - that an agreement, exclusive to Applewood was brokered. We are now allowed to bottle select batches - of extremely limited, and long-matured brandies - that are reflections of our site, soil - and our rich history and relationships with distillation in Australia.

The unfortunate case is that considering the age of these spirits, little attention-to-detail was paid to the recording of vital figures associated with each brandy. What information that has survived the test of time, is quite remarkable. This inaugural library-release is a brandy distilled in South Australia - and entered barrel on the 3rd August 1982. Upon receival, it was been finished in an 80 Year Old, ex-tawny cask for 3 months, prior to bottling, without fining and filtration - as a spirit such as this deserves. This is a Premium XO brandy - that has been aged for the minimum 20 years. There will be a notable sediment, particularly when kept in a cool place. Each bottle is numbered - with a final batch size of 115 bottles. 

This is perfect for a special gift or for those brandy collectors out there! 

Strength: 42% abv Volume: 500ml