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Espressocello 500ml

A project of pure passion that’s taken years to perfect, and we finally did so with the assistance of Johnny Scott (Mighty Mighty Coffee) - who roasts and grinds the beans for this liqueur.

We aim to promote sustainability in all we do at Applewood. This delicious liqueur is all about creating a product that may be been otherwise overlooked. How? We create a brandy-base spirit distilled from local winemakers experiments that have gone wry. This project is our way of nullifying all forms of risk winemakers undertake with winemaking experimentation. Cheers to espressocello! 

The coffee beans we use are imported exclusively from Mexico and cold-brewed. It an intense coffee-hit with a vanilla, chocolate and citrus dominant characters - and a dense palate-weight that’ll stretch in your espresso martini.

Strength: 20% abv Volume: 500ml

Serving suggestion: Designed for Espresso Martini's. Mix with your favourite Vodka, Eau De Vie or our Applewood GinA great addition to vanilla icecream

Applewood Distillery Vegan