faq's (COVID edition)

where is my parcel? 

deliveries may be a bit slower than usual as we work with our delivery partner to ensure the health and safety of their staff. we can assure you the package has left our warehouse, as we are packing up a storm to dispatch your orders as soon as possible to minimise delays on our end. your parcel may look like it has not moved on your tracking reference - it’s definitely left our warehouse and it’s on it’s way to you! we’re sure you’re all desperate for a drink, and we’re so humbled to be to sharing our spirits with you and we wholeheartedly appreciate your patience and support

can i visit the applewood bar?

yes you can! we're currently open on friday, saturday & sunday every weekend and we are now taking small bookings of up to 6 people!

visit the cellar door page on the website to plan your next visit!


are you guys making hand sanitiser?

unfortunately we don’t have the capability or capacity to produce medical-grade ethanol for the effective sanitising of hands - we’d love to, but we’d need to be a much more industrial distillery to do so. the minimum required level of alcohol required is 94.1% at a minimum and 96.1% preferably. our distillery isn’t set up to maximise ethanol but rather, maximise flavour.

what is the shelf life of your gin?

infinity! that’s what we love about spirit - the only agricultural product that never goes off. the flavour will degrade over time subtly if not properly stored but it will be safe to drink forever! best stored in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight.

how do you recommend your gins?

we love our gins with good quality dry tonic - our favourites are capi and strangelove no.8! we like seeing your creativity when it comes to garnishes, so get funky and garnish to your heart’s content! Some of our favourites are:

lemon myrtle
ruby grapefruit
pink peppercorns
geraldton wax
wild thyme

how can i purchase a sold out limited edition gin?

sadly, once our limited editions are gone; they are gone. as we love the constant creativity of crafting one of a kind gins, we will never recreate a gin exactly - although they may take on other forms - i.e our desert lime gin became the base of our navy gin.  

do you make whiskey?

no comment. If we told you, we'd have to kill you.

is your gin gluten free/vegan/nut free?

yes they are! we don’t use any animal products in the production of any of our spirits, and the typical distillation process we undergo does not reach a high enough temperature to carry across the proteins that are responsible for coeliac, gluten intolerant or nut allergy responses. although we may use nuts in the production of gin, the resultant spirits are completely gluten and nut free - and most definitely vegan friendly.

how is your gin made?

we begin with an amazingly neutral grape-based spirit and begin to infuse it with an intricate recipe of 20 different botanical ingredients - half being native to australia and half being classical to the style of gin - which of course means: plenty of juniper! each botanical receives a different treatment, and a different timing of addition to the spirit - which is controlled carefully at various strengths throughout the infusion process.
after 48 hours all the botanicals and spirit are transferred to kath, our pot still - where the mixture is distilled over the course of 6 hours to produce a highly intense and fragrant distillate. after a period of proving for a number of weeks - the spirit is reduced to a bottling strength of 43% abv prior to being hand-bottled on-site for your enjoyment!