Kindred Spirits

Introducing: Our Applewood Monthly Gin Subscription. Kindred Spirits

A tailored gin subscription box for the complete Applewood experience. Each month, a hand-selected Gin will be delivered to your door, complete with a bottle of Strangelove Tonic or Soda Water, a specially paired Garnish Pack, and a Cocktail Recipe exclusive to our Kindred Spirits Members.

how does it work?

Simply select which mixer - either Soda or Tonic - you'd like to receive with your Gin and we’ll send out your first Kindred Sprits box. You’ll be charged on the same date you started each month.



each quarter you'll receive a rotating seasonal offering:

First Month of Season - Applewood Kindred Spirits Exclusive - a gin only available to Kindred Spirits members, crafted in micro batches.

Second Month of Season - Applewood Limited Edition Gin - early access.

Third Month of Season - Applewood Core Gin & Special Kindred Spirits Gift.

Every Month

  • A specially selected Garnish Pack
  • Exclusive Kindred Spirits Cocktail Recipe 
  • Soda or tonic mixer

the kicker?

We will only ever grow this list to strictly 1000 members. In this first tranche offering there are only 100 subscriptions available in our first release. Be the first to get in as our founding Kindred Spirits Members.

what are the benefits?

  • Exclusive 500ml Gin Every Quarter - Only Available To Kindred Spirits Members
  • Bonus Gift Every Quarter
  • Your Choice of 450ml Mixer 
  • Free Shipping Every Month
  • Access to Exclusive Subscriber Offers

what else do I need to know?

You may cancel at any time, but please keep in mind once all subscription spots are taken, should you wish to rejoin you'll have wait for the next subscription opening.

You may put your subscription on hold for only one month during a 12 month period.

Subscriptions may only be transferred to family members. 

want to be notified of the next release?