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Applewood Colonial Malt 500ml

This has been a passion project of ours for the last 12 months! We never expected how difficult it would be to craft a clean, bright and fresh un-aged barley malt spirit that, after trial after trial - we're finally ready to release Colonial Malt out to the world!

The inspiration for this came from an old letter written in the 1790s about some pesky Irish convicts that were going bush to craft some 'white spirits' and were causing a bit of an upset in the new Australian colonies. Gotta love the Irish! 

We wanted to craft a spirit in dedication to these enterprising individuals - 100% from South Australian barley malt grown in the mid-north of South Australia. Double pot-distilled and bottled for your enjoyment.

Smooth. Bright. Fresh.

Treat It Like Moonshine, Drink With Responsible Gusto!

Strength: 40% abv Volume: 500ml

Applewood Distillery Vegan