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Baby Malt 500ml

From the very inception of Applewood Distillery, our aim was to craft beverages that displayed a flavour of 'place' - from the land we belong to. 

Our Baby Malt is distilled barley grain has tantalised, intrigued and entertained the world over with its ability to showcase a snapshot in time, geographically and geologically, in a glass for others to enjoy.

The malted barley used in this malt is from the northern part of South Australia and home to some of the best malting barley in the world. Why is it so good? It produces a high sugar content beer, which means higher abv & yield. Winning! But also, we have been losing this prized commodity to the Scotts and Americans for years. It's time for the Aussie Brewers & Distillers to claim it back. It's with that sentiment that we're proud to release a 6 month snap shot of our grain-based spirits, Baby Malt.

Crafted from 100% South Australian malt fermented, distilled and matured at the Applewood Distillery in the Adelaide Hills. Maturation occurred for 6 months in small 50L re-coopered tawny casks, 80 years of age and uncharred. l

Strength: 42% abv Volume: 500ml

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