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Esoterico Eau De Vie 14ESO LIE 500ml

This is one for the most curious, an Eau de Vie crafted from our sister winery, Unico Zelo - and the lees of their 2014 Esoterico White Blend. This was quite a contentious little spirit from the get-go, and especially considering that only 24 bottles in total were crafted, the largest consideration was whether or not it's worth it. Clearly, it was. Intensely aromatic, bright and fresh - backed with an incredible creamy intensity and mouthfeel - yet none of the astringency associated with the wine-base used. It would have made complete economic sense to simply blend this away - but we couldn't bring ourselves to it. It deserved it's own special, highly-limited bottling. A stunning Eau de Vie from Muscat d'Alessandria, Pinot Gris, Sauvignon Blanc and Fiano. Each bottle is numbered - with a final batch size of only 24 bottles. Strength: 45% abv Volume: 500ml

Applewood Distillery Vegan