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Gin of Death

Gin Designed to embody fermentation and fire.

Fermentation - the great transformative process that all plant life endures as it reduces to the most basic of all elements. With careful observation and intervention - some of life’s greatest pleasures are crafted: Chocolate, Tea, Wine, Beer, Bread - indeed the basic building blocks of Gin too!

Fire - often considered a man-made form of destruction… with a measured application, it may be used to elevate flavours into realms rarely seen, yet highly respected. Be it the aroma of a crackling fire, or the deep, basal tones of peated whisky, or roasted malt.

Accordingly, we’ve assembled a botanical recipe incorporating Juniper Berries, Coriander Seed, Black Cardamom, Charred Orange Peel, Charred French Oak, Cocoa Nibs, Cassia Bark, Native Pepperberries, Ginger Root, Roasted Almonds, Vanilla and Oolong Tea along with a special dose of colour derived from fermented grapes!

This is a hearty, dark coloured Gin for the colder weather - exploring the deep, complex notes that only fermentation and fire can deliver.

Made in collaboration with Maius Chocolate, Steven ter Horst and Tea for Who 

Strength: 43% abv Volume: 500ml

Serving suggestion: Mix with good quality dry tonic and garnish with dried or fresh orange and star anise 

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