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Gin of Sloth

As Summer quickly envelopes us all at Applewood HQ - we start dreaming of lazy days, chilling by the river - cranking some tunes and throwing something on the BBQ...for our next Gin we wanted to capture that 'no worries mate' attitude - a little bit of the 'ol 'she'll be right, we'll fix it tomorrow' perspective. 


Gin of Sloth - we're no strangers to bathtub-style Gin production and this seemed the perfect project to stretch our creative muscles on...and little did we know, it's bloody hard to make a lazy gin! The concept was sound, a basic Gin recipe of Juniper, Adelaide Hills Saffron, Cinnamon, Star Anise, Clove, Chamomile, Wormwood, Licorice Root, Angelica Root and Orange Peel - and the creativity? We weren't going to bother distilling it...

But then the real Sloth kicked in...we accidentally forgot about it (no joke). A week later, the resultant Gin was so incredibly intense and bitter - we were to scared to bottle it. One bright spark suggested we just see how it distills...and it filled the room with the most spicy, aromatic was a sight to behold. We really wanted this Gin to champion Juniper, so we macerated some more post-distillation...

Then we accidentally forgot about it again! Sloth-strikes-back!

Upon finding the golden-wonder of a Gin (courtesy of Juniper swimming in it for days)...we were utterly impressed by the distinctive aroma, mouthfeel and texture. Further - it made one of the most delicious G&Ts we've ever experienced!

Sunny days by the River? I'll take two.