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tropical cocktail spritz
the summer spritz pack
Unico Mando-Wine-Unico Zelo

the summer spritz pack

Tropical Cocktail
a juicy, tropical, orange spritz!

this summers' most ambitious mashup - økar and unico zelo join forces to bring forth the summer of spritz with this incredible pack!

økar tropic
crafted from polish hill river gewurztraminer and fortified with unused spirit from our distillery, aromatised with oranges to create a vibrant, tropical cousin to vermouth otherwise known as a mistelle.

sea foam
unico zelo's first pet nat. of course, if we were going to do a pet nat, it was going to be fiano. all bright tropical fruits and poached pears, with sea-spray like saltiness. 

unico mando
using the biggest & juiciest of all the mandarins - the dekapon - we made this refreshing, vibrant liqueur from exclusively riverland citrus! 

Unico Zelo & Økar