4 Excellent Gin & Tonics with our Limited Edition Gins

4 Excellent Gin & Tonics with our Limited Edition Gins

The warm weather is well and truly here, and it has us aching and salivating for a good Gin and Tonic. Even on our days off, we can't help but satiate our thirst with the fruits of our labour - and taking it to the next level is a worthwhile endeavour. Going beyond just your average citrus slice is a great way to turn an otherwise pedestrian Gin and Tonic into a truly elevated drinking experience, something that a good gin deserves. So we thoughtafter a few weeks off distilling gin and a few weeks drinking ginwe'd share our favourite serves we put together this summer - showcasing the Limited Editions we've got in stock at the moment. Some outrageously delicious gin and tonics in here - have a play with these at home!

bush apple gin

One of the more fruit driven and particularly juicy gins we've released of lateand also one of the downright smashable ones too. A lesser-known Indigenous ingredient, a close cousin of our friend Riberries, but one that we've found distils remarkably well. Bright and fragrant, elevated with pomegranate and muntrie - boosting its sweetness is the way to go here. We've opted for a bit of Peach and Thyme, working in perfect harmony - summer in a glass right here. If that's not your cup of tea, Ruby Grapefruit, Pink Peppercorns, and even a piece of Ginger will work wonders.

lemon aspen gin

A more delicate and delightful gin than we generally produce - we have a reasonably heavy botanical load more often than notThis gin is a bit more London Dry than what we do, and that's what makes it so appealing. If you're going to use tonic, make sure it's incredibly light and dry, or even opt for some soda water if you're game. It's citrus forward - forward a strong word - so backing that up is the way to enjoy. A bit of Lemon and Geraldton Wax is perfect, but great alternates are things like Kaffir Lime Leaf, Rosemary and even a twist of Black Pepper (somewhat more every day than our beloved G-Wax). We've opted for a long serve with a split of soda and tonic (affectionately nicknamed 'sonic') to make it feel that edge more refreshing.

muntrie gin

This one blows the hair back, a gin we're really proud of. Beautiful balance of sweetness and spice, unique, fragrant but effortlessly drinkable - fitting for one of the more scrumptious native ingredients. Muntries - nicknamed the Emu Apple - paired with some literal apple, cinnamon myrtle and some riberries, piece this damned good gin together. The only way to elevate it is just play to it's strengths, so some Fresh Apple and Cloves are great - but Strawberry, Cardamom and even some Pomegranate seeds will do the job just as well. 

saltbush gin

A gin brimming with umami and made us dream of candlelight and steak tartare. A sultry interplay of seaweeds, salt and juicy fruits makes this one of the most well-balanced gins we've ever made. Even though notoriously difficult to distil, Saltbush shines when heightened with the addition of its seed, some juicy Davidson Plum and spicy River Mint. Maximising this gin's freshness is vital - so fresh cucumber is perfect, but a strip of nori or sprig of mint will also tip the scales of the gin in any direction you wish, emphasising the high toned raciness of the gin.

Experimentation and curiosity are essential when making your next Gin and Tonic. The possibilities are endless and entirely personal, with fortune favouring the brave when it comes to the more exotic flavour combinations. As with everything, you should pursue the flavour profile that you most enjoy but not be afraid to explore.