A distillery shouldn’t care only about crafting delicious spirits. It should care about its community and environment as well.  
For us, sustainability is at the very core of everything we do, from the producers we choose to work with to the packaging and logistics we use. 
It is essential to measure our impact transparently that puts our journey towards perpetuity in perspective. 

Our Mission:

Create an agricultural demand for native Australian plants by crafting authentic gins that reflect the land we belong to. 

Our Impact:

We measure our impact across four areas; agriculture, energy, waste and community.


By focussing on native Australian ingredients, we’re helping future-proof Australian agricultural industries by building consistent demand for plant species that are evolutionarily designed to grow in our harsh climates - minimising water use, fixing nitrogen levels, desalinating soils and regenerating Australia’s natural landscape. 


We’ve installed a new 27.23kw solar energy system at the distillery, offsetting our carbon footprint by the equivalent planting of 557 trees per year. This is on top of our current carbon offset programs that help keep -- tons of carbon out of the atmosphere. 


Using kegs of tonic at the Applewood Bar, we’ve drastically reduced our bottle usage throughout our bar and supply chain resulting in an annual average saving of 8500 700ml glass bottles each year and their attached manufacturing impact.
We dramatically reduced our use of stretch film pallet wrapper for shipping goods due to introducing a recycled cardboard packaging system which reduced our usage by 67% per annum.   


We’ve donated a total of $31,000 to different projects last year alone, with a total of 21 organisations receiving support. This donation equates to 0.45% of last year’s annual turnover. Our goal for 2021/22 is a donation of 0.6% of our yearly turnover. To see who we donated to, click here.