Our Mission

To conserve, discover and champion the irreplaceable flavours of the land we belong to while elevating locally farmed and sustainably sourced botanicals.

Rewild The Wild

Our natural world is the only one we will ever have and is worthy of our respect, conservation and protection. Applewood began its journey to rewild Australia by fostering a market for endemic ingredients in the hope of conserving the land we belong to.

Working Together

Our sustainability mandate and B Corp Certification are embedded in everything we do. We carry this outlook in all projects we undertake, collaborations we organise, and events we participate in. We’re conscious of our footprint and only seek collaborations with people and businesses that share our values.

We are ambassadors and explorers, not just for ourselves but for the land and culture that is Australia.
We’re always aiming for the most eco-driven solution and are responsive to nature. We’re inspired by our irreplaceable environment and seek to inspire others to work as we do - in harmony with the sights and soils of Australia.

Our Beliefs