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About Applewood Distillery



the ancient continent of australia occupies one of the most unique places in geological, botanical and anthropological history. the sunburnt country is home to some of the oldest rocks currently known, the earliest evidence of life, and the longest surviving human culture on earth. it's this very history that has formed, and shaped the natural flora of the land we belong to



ever since this land broke away from the supercontinent 100 million years ago, it has evolved in complete geographical isolation for that entire time - void of ice ages, tectonic shifts and vulcanism. it's one giant old rock that was formed by erosion and it's flora; crafted by fire

australia's aridity and her ancient, fractured soils have carved out the most complex array of flora known to man. the relationship between native culture, flora and land are so intricate that to remove one, collapses another. very rarely do we bare witness to such incredible environmental balance, especially when humans are involved.

we seek to add value to native ingredients, supporting farmers who opt for more sustainable farming methods, crops and orchards. we value those who wish to listen and learn from indigenous culture and understand the importance of working in harmony with nature. 


we craft uniquely australian gin and are passionate about ways to communicate this in a familiar manner. to share the wonders of the rarest produce on earth, with the rest of the world.

our hope is that these australian stories can one-day be heard on a global scale.