a few outstanding cocktails with our muntrie gin

a few outstanding cocktails with our muntrie gin

We're lucky to be blessed with an incredible group of incredible cocktail minds and bartenders in all facets of the business. Whether it be our Distiller Jake Mackinlay who worked at Adelaide institution Bibliotheca, our Melbourne based Brand Ambassador Henry Hammersla, who's clocked up venues and venues of experience, and over 100 live-streams worth of brilliant drinks, and of course our Applewood Bar Manager Mitch Gauvin, whose whipped up plenty of cocktails in the basement of Therapy Adelaide. It makes Friday Knock-Offs a whole lot more delicious. 

So we threw out a gauntlet - come up with some outstanding drinks centred around one of our Limited Edition Gins - We picked Muntrie Gin, one of our favourites at the minute (just in case you weren't aware, it's delicious), and tasked them to knock up some fine drinks. This is what they came up with - the team did not disappoint, to be expected. 

Note: Distiller Jake did not participate - his cocktail is the gin itself.


an old fashioned vibe.

A brilliant cocktail wizard is Mitch, but his cocktail names are pretty straight to the point. We're okay with it in a fun task like this, especially when it tastes this delicious. The use of Averna here is the real delight, a somewhat underrated Amari in places like Australia. Rich caramel notes work a treat with the fruit quality of Muntire Gin, and the use of brown sugar in the simple syrup ties it all together. A dash of cinnamon bitters is the proverbial cherry for this stiff ripper drink.

60ml Muntrie Gin
5-10ml Brown sugar syrup
5ml Averna
1 dash cinnamon bitters

Stir over ice and double strain into a rocks glass with a big ice cube. Garnish with burnt orange peel. 


so fresh.

See what I mean? It's like taking a sip of the cocktail crafted and naming your drink after the first comments on the drink - which after it's written as such, is a great idea. But this one is another belter, and definitely a more weather appropriate drink. Cucumber might be one of the more unsung but brilliant cocktail ingredients around - it makes this drink sing!

30ml Muntrie Gin
15ml Økar Gold
15ml Dry Vermouth
cracked pepper

muddle cucumber in a cocktail shaker and add Muntrie Gin, Økar Gold and Dry Vermouth. Shake and double strain into a tall glass filled with ice. Top with soda and garnish with fresh cracked pepper.


orchard highball.

Speaking of straight forward, here's a summertime slammer from our Melbourne Man Henry. This is a drink as simple as can be, but it's just all about the quality of the ingredients. Muntrie Gin topped with some Pear Soda from our great friends and masters of carbonation, Strangelove. Garnish with a little Lemon Myrtle and plenty of ice and be prepared for how dangerously easy this is to drink an outrageously refreshing to boot. Nice one Henry.

60ml Muntrie Gin
Strangelove Pear Soda
Lemon Myrtle

 add Muntrie Gin to a tall glass with plenty of ice and top with Pear Soda. Garnish with Lemon Myrtle (substitute for Lemon if unavailable)


gold spice road.

Another excellent drink from Henry here; time to dust of the juicer that's been taking up cupboard space for months - let's say years because we know it's the truth. But this drink is worth it, and when was the last time you had carrot juice? It's great, so sweet and works brilliantly with the acidity of orange juice, dosed with the aroma of Muntrie gin and just a splash of Økar Gold. A little bit more serious than the previous but not a bad Boozy Brunch option? Saturday lunch is sorted

50ml Muntrie
10ml Økar Gold
50/50 Carrot and Orange Juice
Garnish with Cinnamon Sugar

juice a small batch of carrot and orange juice (2 of each should be enough) then whip in a Nutri-bullet until fluffy. Add Muntrie and Økar Gold to tall glass and top with juice. Garnish with a dusting of cinnamon sugar.