Drink Seasonally With The Wax Martini

Drink Seasonally With The Wax Martini

If you’re looking to take advantage of waxflower season, there’s a must-try cocktail that you can put together with just a little bit of extra work. The best part of this recipe is you can reuse the aging vessel you create for future drinks! 

The Wax Martini combines the iconic format of a martini with the new wave flavours of pomelo and waxflower to create a smooth, elegant cocktail that can live in your freezer rent free and the perfect gin for this drink is our very own Alpine gin.

You’ll need the following equipment and ingredients:

  • 1 Glass bottle with lid
  • 1 pot that you’re happy to only use once or just for wax
  • Heat resistant gloves


  • 300ml Alpine Gin
  • 50ml Unico Pomelo Dry Vermouth
  • Optional: 50ml Olive Brine
  • 1 bunch of Waxflower
  • 200g of beeswax

Prepare Your Bottle

To prepare your bottle what you’ll need to do is take your waxflower and beeswax over to the stove and place the beeswax in the pot over low heat. While your beeswax heats up you’ll need to pick around 10g of waxflower leaves, chop them roughly and then add them to your beeswax once it has melted fully. Leave for 5 minutes to infuse and allow the waxflower to come up to temperature. 

Next you want to make sure that your bottle is clean and dry. This is important as any contaminants in the bottle will infuse into the cocktail or collapse the wax. 

Put on your heat resistant gloves and pour your hot wax into the bottle. Turn constantly to create an even coating across the interior of your bottle. You can always pour any excess back into your pot. The key here is to coat the inside of the bottle evenly and not have any lumpiness or buildup. 

Allow the bottle to cool fully before placing the cap on the bottle or filling with any liquid.

Make Your Cocktail

Take your gin and vermouth and combine them in a measuring cup. If you prefer dirty martinis now is the time to add your olive brine. 

Once you’ve batched your ingredients and your bottle is ready, pour your martini into your wax lined bottle and age for as long as you wish in the freezer. 

To serve, pour into a chilled martini glass and garnish with a waxflower.