Finger Lime Rickey

Finger Lime Rickey

Finger Lime Gin was one of those gins that come across the Applewood Bar when given the task of making a cocktail from it, the goal was to make sure that the drink doesn't detract from the inherent deliciousness of the spirit itself. A refreshing, botanical forward and one of the more citrus-forward gins that we have crafted from this project, truly championing the finger lime. The idea was to capture the joy of the finger lime, and it's utterly unique caviar pearls that run through the veins of the fruit, in an experiential aspect, where the cocktail itself uses the finger lime caviar as a textural element.  

What better way to do that with a long and tall drink and one of the best in the field is a Gin Rickey. A cocktail that has been in existence for more than 100 years, first thought to be crafted at the Shoemakers Bar in Washington D.C by bartender George A. Williamson, after a democratic lobbyist named Colonel Rickey who funnily enough, become one of the largest U.S. importers of limes. Very similar to a classic that we have touched on previously - the Tom Collins - basically subbing out the lemon juice for lime juice.


But with the Finger Lime Gin version of a classic rickey, we've subbed out classic lime juice for real finger limes, muddled with the simple syrup to express their lime caviar, topped with plenty of ice and a touch of mint to give it some mojito vibes. It definitely is defined by the category "ugly delicious" as much like the lime themselves, it's not one of the prettiest drinks going around, but it's one of the more outrageously drinkable cocktails that we've produced out of this project.  

applewood finger lime rickey

60ml finger lime gin

15ml simple syrup

4-5 finger limes

sprig of mint


muddle simple syrup, finger limes & mint in a tall glass. add gin, soda and ice. garnish with lime leaf.