ripple - our expression of summer

ripple - our expression of summer

When we first sat down with Luke Whearty, the co-owner of world class bar, Byrdi, we saw eye-to-eye almost immediately. 

Ripple - part of our newest collaboration with Byrdi, is based off of our original collaboration, known as Seaside Gin. This particular gin was inspired by Luke's childhood memory of eating mangoes and diving into the ocean - the combination of sweet mango and sea salt. 

This newest interpretation calls on a new method if distillation: vacuum distillation.

This style of distillation isolates the fresh, juicy core of our main botanical, Kensington Mango. This fresh tropical fruit is then paired with umami dense wakame, spicy cardamom and salty karkalla, to emulate the fresh hit of ocean salinity. 

A G&T with a slice of orange is one of the best ways to enjoy this gin, or perhaps in tropical leaning classic cocktails, such as the Army and Navy.


Last Summer's Mango

Fermentation and the extension of seasonality through various techniques is one of the pillars of Byrdi's menu. 

This unexpected cocktail was built off of the necessity for a refreshing G&T serve that encapsulated Australian summertime. 

Using fermented mango from last summer, Ripple Gin, a custom blend of soda and tonic, and garnished with a sea succulent dust, Last Summer's Mango will only be available at Byrdi during the summer months.