The Cooma

The Cooma

An in house little riff on a lesser known cocktail originally known as the Nome, which in itself is a littler known riff on a little known cocktail called the Alaska. The Alaska appeared in a smattering of cocktail books at the turn of the century, a drink made of Old Tom Gin, Orange Bitters and Yellow Chartreuse, popping up in books like The Savoy Cocktail Book, Jacques Straub's Drinks, and in David Embury's, Fine Art of Mixing Drinks, where Embury notes:

"It can be greatly improved by using less Chartreuse and adding 1 or two parts of dry sherry. This is the Nome"

Intrigued by the sound of this - as dry sherries like Fino are some of our favourite cocktail ingredients - we thought we'd give it a spin, instead subbing out Yellow Chartreuse for our own Økar Gold, and in a nod to Australia's coldest town, we've decided to call it The Cooma.

Fans of martini's and Fino sherry will absolutely get around this drink, a bit more of a herbaceous style of martini, with our Gentian based Økar really complementing the nutty, salinity of Fino. While Old Tom gin is called for in a classic Alaska, we reckon something bright, herbaceous with a lick of spice is called for - say, Applewood?


the cooma
60 ml australian gin  
20 ml fino
7.5ml økar gold
add all ingredients to a cocktail stirrer with plenty of ice. stir down for about 15-20 second and double strain into a chilled coupe and garnish with geraldton wax.