The Coral Gin Fizz

The Coral Gin Fizz

When coming up with a cocktail for our brand new Coral Gin, the challenge first and foremost was to create a drink that would be perfect drunk at anytime of the year, by the ocean, that not only did justice to the spirit, but to the environment that it comes from. Since that means some of the most unique tropical rainforests on planet earth, our mind wandered to Tiki drinks. We've been enamoured with them for a while - particularly with our Økar Island Bitter - and they're a style that is perfectly suited to our country, especially the northern coasts that reside closer to the equator.  

Now Gin is not really an ingredient often used in Tiki - Rum is the star spirit of course - so we had to get creative. So we ended up doing some kind of fusion of a Gin classic, the Ramos Gin Fizz and one of our in house favourite Tiki cocktails, the iconic Pina Colada to create: The Coral Gin Fizz. While retaining the cream from the Ramos (vegans: sub out for coconut cream!), we swapped out the lemon and lime for pineapple juice - a la Pina Colada - and we've swapped our regular sugar syrup sweetener for Molasses for extra richness, which is surprisingly easy to find at your local supermarket! While we totally recommend using fresh pineapple so you can use a leaf as a garnish, here we have opted for dusting of fresh ground Wattleseed. The perfect way to enjoy our new Coral Gin.


coral gin fizz.

60ml Coral Gin

30ml Pineapple Juice

30ml Cream

1tsp Molasses

3 Drops Vanilla Extract

3 Drops Wonder Foam


Shake all the ingredients except soda with ice before keeping liquid but discarding ice. Dry shake and pour into tall glass and let settle for 45 seconds or so. Top with ice and soda water then garnish with Pineapple Leaf or Wattleseed.