the london calling.

london calling

The term "modern classic" gets thrown around maybe a little bit too often, but a lot of the drinks are deserving of it - think the Penicillin, Paper Plane, and the previously mentioned Gin Basil Smash - but this one in our opinion is well and truly deserving of that mantle: the London Calling. 

There's plenty of cocktails that bartenders enjoy whilst they're off the clock, a daiquiri never goes a miss or a good stiff boulevardier, but in the 21st century, not many cocktails have been consistently ordered as much as a London Calling. Originally crafted at Milk & Honey in London by Chris Jepson, specifically for a cocktail competition, but since has been on every single Milk & Honey list.

london calling

Why is it so popular with bartenders though, distracting them from shots of bourbon and beer? The crucial ingredient (besides gin of course): Fino, a dry style of sherry (fortified wine) made by ageing under "flor", a layer of yeast that protects the wine from being spoiled by oxidisation while allowing it to breathe and develop brilliant saline and nutty characteristics. While unfashionable for the most part, it adds an incredible dimension to the drink - and it certainly helps that it's super easy to make. 

london calling


the london calling

45ml australian gin

15ml lemon juice

15ml fino sherry

15ml sugar syrup

2 dashes orange bitters

add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker, shake and double strain into a chilled nick and nora. garnish with a twist of citrus or lemon myrtle.