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The Mango Bramble for Seaside Gin

Posted by Noah Ward on
The Mango Bramble for Seaside Gin
The first cocktail recipe of our own creating just happens to be for a gin we crafted for one of Australia's great cocktail bars - Byrdi. Seaside, our second collaboration in our on going relationship, was inspired by memories of an Australian summer. Byrdi's Owner and Operator Luke Whearty's concept of the gin overall was to craft a spirit that called back to his childhood, and all our childhoods, of summers on the beach, sucking on Mango Seeds, and roaming through the sand dunes foraging for Karkalla - colloquially known as pigs face. The resultant spirit is saline, bright, fruity and remarkably refreshing. A gin inspired by the ocean and best consumed along side it. 
Refreshing spirits of course go best in refreshing cocktails, and one of our favourites is a Bramble - a great balance of a spirit forward cocktail with enough acidity and fruit flavour to make it highly, highly drinkable. Inspired, we set to adapt such a classic with the flavours that we incorporated in our collaborative gin. We. subbed out the Simple Syrup for Mango Nectar - adding fruit and sweetness at once - and replacing Creme de Mure with one of our favourite spirits from our favourite Australian Liqueur distillery, Marionette's Apricot Brandy, as a nice pour over garnish.

Mango Bramble
45ml Gin
30ml Lemon Juice
15ml Mango Nectar
7.5ml Marionette Apricot Brandy

Shake the first 3 ingredients with a pinch of salt. Serve in a tumbler.
Garnish with brandy and passionfruit

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