top 3 garnishes for our applewood core range gins

top 3 garnishes for our applewood core range gins

Gin garnishes come in all shapes and sizes; fruit, spices, herbs and even flowers. There are so many possibilities and honestly, it can get a little overwhelming at times.

So we've rounded up our favourite garnishes to complement our core range gins. From something you can easily find in your fridge or garden, to fancier embellishments that you'll need to source seasonally or through an Indigenous food retailer. Get ready to really make your next Applewood gin & tonic shine with our top 3 garnish suggestions for each gin.

Applewood Signature Gin

Our Applewood Signature gin features a botanical-rich profile with Desert Limes at the core of the citrus drive, paired with the savoury tones of Wattleseed while Peppermint Gum provides a lifted aroma and a herbaceous edge. These key botanicals are lifted to new heights with 20 fresh and sustainable ingredients for a gin that speaks uniquely of Australia.

applewood signature gin and tonic with lemon myrtle leaf
Image: Applewood Signature Gin & Tonic with Lemon Myrtle Leaf garnish.


1. Fresh lemon and mint

Freshen up this juniper focused gin with some zesty lemon and fresh mint. Stick to lemon peel for a subtle citrus boost without overpowering the rest of the drink. Super easy and refreshing

2. Lemon myrtle leaf

Also playing on the citrus vibe is the 'Queen of the Lemon Herbs' - Lemon Myrtle. This subtropical rainforest tree originally from Queensland contains the highest amount of citral of any plant known in the world. Adding a fresh or dried leaf will pack a serious lemony punch to your G&T.

3. Finger lime

Either fresh finger lime caviar or dehydrated chips will add a zingy layer to your drink - and a nutritional boost. Another citrus bomb, the lemon-lime flavoured finger lime have the largest colour palette of any fruit and can be green, yellow, purple, pink and bright red. 

Applewood Navy Gin

A true Navy strength gin, Applewood Navy is crafted with our largest quantity of Juniper we have ever used as well as double the amount of Desert Limes. We have also used Asiatic Yuzu to elevate the flavours with intense citrus. A balanced and powerful gin which takes our Applewood gin to new heights.

applewood navy with desert limes and dried juniper berries

Image: Applewood Navy Gin & Tonic with Desert Lime and dried Juniper berries garnish.


1. Grapefruit

A fresh peel of grapefruit plays nicely alongside the copious desert lime in our Navy gin for a tart and bitter tang. The perfect citrus companion.

2. Fresh Yuzu

In Winter you'll be able to get your hands on the Japanese citrus, Yuzu. Use this 'ugly fruit' with beautiful aromatic zest to impart unique citrus flavours of lime, mandarin and grapefruit.

3. Desert Limes

Naturally found in semi-arid regions across Australia, desert lime will add an extra limey - almost Tahitian lime - kick. Fresh or freeze dried chips are a lovely addition to really amplify the desert lime flavours already in our gin. 

Applewood Coral Gin 

Our most recent addition to our core range, Applewood Coral is crafted to reflect a unique Australian landscape, the Great Barrier Reef. The fruity element brought to the table with Strawberry Gum is balanced with Karkalla for it's sea spray saltiness and Riberries for a layer of spice for balance.  A salty but fruity style of gin without being inherently sweet. 

applewood coral gin with lemon peel and vanilla bean

Image: Applewood Coral Gin & Tonic with Vanilla Bean and Lemon Peel garnish.


1. Vanilla bean

Trim a portion of vanilla bean to balance out our blushed gin with woody sweetness. The amount you use will be personal preference, but be careful not to overdo the sweetness

2. Dehydrated strawberries

Riffing off the spicy riberries in Coral gin - pop some dried strawberry in you glass. The subtle sweetness of strawberries is perfect for when you're looking for something full flavoured and refreshing on a hot day; not to mention how beautiful they look in our pink gin.

3. Davidson Plum

Davidson Plum are high acid yet low citrus so they round out the flavours of our Coral gin exceptionally well. Intensify the pink hue of your G&T and add a lovely sour plum element with Davidson Plum powder or - if you're really lucky - a slice of the dehydrated fruit. Just how we serve it in our Applewood bar.

applewood core range

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to garnishes - feel free to mix two options together or experiment with other fruits and herbs in your gin and tonic. But our final tip here, is don't over garnish your Gin & Tonic. Remember - it's about aroma not flavour.