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unico cello


We take our limoncello (not lemoncello) a tad seriously. Made from a safely guarded recipe - two different types of lemons from south australia's oldest citrus plantation in lennane orchards, montacute valley, adelaide hills. This citrus orchard is believed to be planted 150 years ago.

Why is our limoncello important? The lemons are what one might call "Ugly". Yes, they are different sizes and kind of weird-looking. Unfortunately, that meant that supermarkets did not want to buy them. So, after trying to sell these ugly little lemons for years, the growers were going to remove the 150 year old trees. To help preserve this historic orchard, applewood distillery put up our hands and promised to buy the whole crop to make our delicious limoncello.

It is our labour of love. Literally! We spend 12 hours hand peeling lemons from the orchard to produce this delicious drop. In fact, we have a family ritual of taking turns to peel a couple of buckets a day. Everyone chips in!

We think all lemons are beautiful and hope you do too. Saluti!

20% Alc/Vol - 500mL

Limoncello spritz
45ml unico cello
15ml australian gin
90ml sparkling wine
Serve in a wine glass with lots of ice. Top with soda. Garnish with a sprig of mint.

Please note: this is an unfiltered product and harmless sediment may occur.