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Martinii Gin


By Maidenii Vermouth

We've been massive fans of the Maidenii crew ever since the day we got into this! We still remember walking down to Gin Palace, sheepishly presenting to Shaun Byrne our very first renditions of Australian Gin. He went on to pair up with wine industry rockstar: Gilles Lapalus and together launched one of the most creative, fine-tuned expressions of Vermouth the world has ever seen.

So to say we were fanboy-ing out when this little project was hatched is a huge understatement. 

The Goal: To craft the quintessential Australian Dry Martini Gin - using the quintessential ingredients of an Australian Dry Martini: Applewood Gin and Maidenii Dry Vermouth.

Next minute we're distilling their tinctures that made the journey 'across the border' safe-and-sound - a fine blend of wormwood, strawberry gum, sea parsley, rivermint and wattleseed - then a kick in the guts with kaffir leaf, nigella and Japanese gentian - we were just along for the Juniper-ride of a life-time! 

Australian Martini(i) Gin? Yes Please...

Strength: 42% abv Volume: 500ml

Serving suggestion: Maidenii Dry Vermouth-washed ice - served in a Martini (shaken or stirred, whatever you makes you look like Tom Cruise outta Cocktail)...garnish with an olive (don't muck with a classic...unless you've got a Kakadu Plum spare!)