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Pear Gin


Available Now for Pre-Order! Released on World Gin Day (June 9th)

By The Inglewood Inn - South Australia

If you aren't already familiar with one of our core ethos' - we live for our farmers. We can't do what we do without them - in fact, most of the greatest things we ever get to bring to life...generally begin at the hands of our growers. 

Farming can be a real bittersweet endeavour...things don't always work out. If you're familiar with one of our core projects [Limoncello] we love to find new and unique ways to value-add to often discarded produce - which generally have the richest flavours!

When the Inglewood Inn (an Adelaide Hills Gin-Mecca) came calling late last year, they told us of the plight of a local Pear-growing family who had been affected by the recent hailstorms, rendering much of their crop as low-grade. We couldn't resist the creative pull to craft a Pear Gin together...and got to work on this heartfelt collaboration.

We started with a whole heap of locally grown Pears off the Drury Family Orchard - steeping them in grape-spirit, prior to being distilled low-and-slow-style, retaining the higher-toned aromatics of this beautiful fruit. Then we 'Applewoodified' this spirit first with a double-dose of Juniper then our classic fingerprint - the Desert Lime - for some savoury citrus lift...

Backing notes of Roasted Wattleseed, Cloves, Vanilla - partnered with Almonds.

Then the secret weapon: Kaffir Lime Leaf and Earl Grey Tea.

A novel use of the rich produce from the land we belong to...and a new friendship that'll last a lifetime.   

Strength: 42% abv Volume: 500ml

Serving suggestion: Mix with good quality dry tonic and garnish with Dried Pear or Granny Smith Apple!