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Feijoa Gin


This was one of the most fun Gin projects we've done in a very long time. If you've ever had the pleasure of eating the fruit of the Feijoa tree, a south-American native, widely cultivated and well-known in New Zealand, you'd know about their absolutely amazing aromatic qualities - not to mention their fleshly scrumptiousness. It was a no-brainer for us to pursue a limited release Gin involving Feijoa, especially when Caralyn Marsland turned up at the distillery bearing the distinct gift of an entire box of them - from a burgeoning orchard that's been lovingly attended to by the Marsland family in Birdwood, for the past couple of years. We firmly believe this is some of the most stunning produce of the alpine Northern Adelaide Hills. After a long experimental trial - we landed on a Gin recipe that promoted the Feijoa's natural aromatic qualities - yet also gave the same feeling of richness on the palate. A great mix of Juniper, Earl Grey, Vanilla, Macadamia, Orris Root and Strawberry Gum Leaf - along with a healthy whack of fresh Feijoa fruit, goes into crafting this new G&T favourite of ours. Interestingly enough - the more you dilute it, the more powerful the Feijoa flavour becomes. 42% abv Volume: 500ml

Applewood Distillery Vegan