5 Years of Applewood: A Timeline

5 Years of Applewood: A Timeline

Over 5 Years, Applewood has had - at least what we believe to be - an incredible Journey. From minuscule and humble beginnings on a dirt floor in Lobethal, a swathe of different products and experimentations, trials and tribulations, success, failure - all those things that go along with running an independent business. So, in an act of nostalgia and to look back at where we have come from and where we are going, we've decided to dive deep into the history of Applewood, and show you the beginnings of everything to where we are now. 

Fair Warning: There will be some babyfaces.

It goes without saying: Thank You. To anyone who has bought a bottle of Applewood, visited us at our Cellar Door in Gumeracha, said hello at a tasting, or even just had an Applewood G+T at a great bar - we are forever thankful. We are humbled every day by the level of support and kind words we receive at the Bar, on social media, it's the reason we get up every day to do what we do.

Cheers to the next 5 years! 

- Love, The Applewood Team

November 9th, 2012: Our First Still Arrives imported from China - originally used for Brendan's perfume project NOMAD.

Brendan was 22. Laura was 21. 
July 20, 2015: Our First Bottle of Gin - Originally Called Spring Gin. Sadly, we were unable to find an original bottle but tasting notes from Brendan's memory: "Excessive amounts of lavender". Only 43 Bottles were Crafted
August 21, 2015: The First Sale of Applewood 'Spring Gin'. It was purchased by Brendan's Mum. 
August, 2015: We release our first Limoncello - our Instagram skills were lax back then...
September 10, 2015: Our First Collaboration Project, a Blood Orange Arancello with the legends at Clever Little Tailor.
October 20, 2015: First Collaborative and Limited Edition Gin - Salt & Sake, in collaboration with Jock Zonfrillo and Orana
November 27, 2015: The First Bottlings and Trials of our Økar Project.
December, 2015: New Labeling for Applewood Gin
December 19, 2015: A Big Day - New Labelling for Økar and Red Økar, plus our first malt distillation.
May 13, 2016: Barrels Arrive for a brand new project. 
September 6, 2016: We release our first Espressocello -  the beginnings of Carter's Original Coffee Liqueur.
December 9, 2016: We release our first malt spirit Colonial Malt.
December 22, 2016: We release our first 3-month aged malt spirit Baby Malt.
February 17, 2017: We release on of our most Popular Limited Editions ever, Green Ant Gin.
March 18, 2017: Our Gumeracha Bar opens.
June 21, 2017: We release Gin of Death.
September 15, 2017: We re-release Økar as Økar Amaro
December 8, 2017: We begin the release of our Seven Deadly Gins series
July 25, 2018: Our New Custom Stills arrive from China
October 4, 2018: We re-re-release Økar Amaro 
January 2019: We release Espressocello as Carter's Original Coffee Liqueur
February 1, 2019: We begin our journey of Native Australian Botanical Mono-Distillations. River Mint is our First.
September 6, 2019: We release Økar Gold
November 1, 2019: We release only our Second Ever Core Gin: Navy Gin
February 2020: Our First Brand Ambassador - Henry Hammersla - joins the Team
March 18, 2020: Henry records our first-ever Applewood/Økar Livestream then entitled 'Iso-cocktails' now known as 'Lift Your Spirits'

March 20, 2020: We win Double Gold with our Navy Gin at San Francisco World Spirits Comp

May 21, 2020: We release our 3rd Core Gin: Coral Gin
Friday, August 21st, 2020: We Celebrate 5 Years of Applewood.

October 1st, 2020: We Release A Very Special New Spirit...