The Apple Sour

The Apple Sour

When we originally opened the Applewood Bar in Gumeracha, our main focus was to tell the story of our spirits, educate customers on the use of Native Australian ingredients within them, and the sustainability mantra that we set for ourselves as a distillery. While we're proud to say we've achieved that goal, what's come along with that is the blessing of some of Adelaide's finest hospitality staff, who are all brilliant bartenders and cocktail creatives, who have all been responsible for the superb quality drinks we've served to our customers. Overall, there has been one cocktail that has reigned as the fan favourite since it was first put on the menu - The Apple Sour.

Crafted by our Applewood Bar second in command and warehouse packing weapon Will Robinson, it's an outrageously refreshing entry to one of his favourite cocktail categories - sours. We could make up a story that the drink itself is a reflection of the history of the cold stores where our bar and distillery is based, but the truth of it is, Will just knows how to make a damned good drink, and this one is definitely that. Come visit us at about 3pm on a Friday and you'll even see most of the Applewood Team loving an Apple Sour or too. A fan favourite as well as a staff favourite. 

the apple sour

30ml navy gin

90ml apple juice

15ml cassia bark syrup*

20ml lemon juice

10ml simple syrup

3 drops of wonderfoam/ 1 egg white

add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker add ice and shake. discard ice and dry shake. double strain into a tumbler and garnish with apple.

cassia syrup: fill a pot with water and a few pieces of cassia bark. bring to a boil, take off the heat and strain out cassia. make 1:1 simple syrup with cassia infused water.