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Botanical Profile: Finger Limes

Posted by Noah Ward on
Botanical Profile: Finger Limes

We've worked with Finger Limes since pretty much our inception, but we've only decided up until recently that we were ready to create a gin that was solely dedicated to them. We'd seen Finger Limes used fairly extensively in the Australian distillery scene - alongside its almost cult-like usage in the restaurant industry - so we decided to spend a bit more time celebrating the Desert Lime and a few other indigenous botanicals that we were more captivated by. But after almost five years we thought it was finally time to make a spirit that encapsulated everything we love about the Finger Lime or Citrus Australasica.

A long snacked on citrus by Indigenous Australians, due to their abundance in the sub-tropical parts of Australia, particularly the rainforests of Northern New South Wales and the more Southern parts of Queensland. Their now-famous vesicles of citrus contain outrageous amounts of Vitamin C - three times more than your average mandarin - alongside huge quantities of Vitamin E, which do well in disease prevention. Indigenous Australians also used to turn the skin into a pulp for use as an antiseptic! 

As Colonisation began, a large portion of their population was cleared for dairy farming land, their populations we're dwindled down to a 100km radius, but thankfully, particular colonists saw a potential for cultivation and agricultural success, and by the 1990s, the finger lime had built itself a reputation of being one of Australia's more prominent native ingredients - especially more on the fine dining scene. A classic garnish for things like oysters and due to innate citrus nature, usage in fresher and more south-east Asian influenced dishes - which is the avenue we headed down when crafting our Finger Lime Gin, with influence from flavours like kaffir lime leaf, basil and a boost of citrus from our champion desert lime, for arguably one of our finest gins yet. 

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