the blossom.

the blossom.

Bush Apples were a brand new one for us at Applewood, although we were familiar with its genus quite extensively - Syzygium - the genus that our beloved riberry belongs to, and Bush Apples taste remarkably similar. Looking more like a pomegranate that you can bite straight into, they've still got the crisp acidity of a riberry with that incredible clove character (cloves are another member of the Syzygium family) - just with the tannin dialled up a notch and the remarkable aroma of roses.

In the distillery, as per usual, the goal is to highlight that flavour, and since we've got incredible riberries at our disposal, it made total sense to use that to showcase that clove flavour and using the commonly associated pomegranate to give it unique lifted aromatics. Backed up with some classic spices, this is a uniquely crisp and clean spirit, so a light and refreshing drink was the ideal vehicle for Bush Apple Gin.

Rather than muck about with adding too much more alcohol, we opted for a touch of verjus for acidity and sweetness, lavender tea was added for its beautiful florality and a little touch of light red for body and for some bright cherry flavour (we chose Unico Zelo's Fresh A.F. of course - but varieties like Pinot Noir are perfect!). The result? A floral and thirst-quenching little coupette that will disappear before you know it, ready and waiting for another one...


Bush Apple Cocktail

applewood blossom.

45ml bush apple gin

15/20ml light red wine

10ml lavender tea

15ml white verjus

10ml sugar


stir all ingredients in a mixing glass with ice. strain into chilled nick and nora glass.