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the pollen.

Kakadu Plums are one of those indigenous ingredients that's name is thrown around quite often but you rarely see it in your every day - but its nutritional benefit is beyond belief. It's why most of Kakadu Plums production ends up in the health food industry in freeze-dried powder form, intensely rich in fibre and iron but it's staggering Vitamin C content - the most loaded content of any fruit in the world - is 100 times the level of your average orange. 

Funnily enough, that came out in the distillery while crafting Kakadu Plum Gin, as our distiller Jake remarked that mid-distillation, the distillery had an air of nostalgia, with the room smelling similar to Nature's Way Vitamin C lollies he had as a kid! While (thankfully) the aroma and flavour didn't end up in the final spirit, with Kadadu Plum Gin having this unique tea-like but fruity aroma, which was then amplified with the distillation of local Adelaide Hills pears and native Australian Anise Myrtle. 

What was born was a wondrously aromatic gin with a beautiful structure of sweet spices, built for a more delicate style of cocktail, which led to the pollen. The tea-like qualities were highlighted with a sweetened green tea, alongside the sweetness and spice of our experimental Økar Gold, and the richness of a touch of vanilla. Add some lime juice and a little pear and the resultant drink is a finely crafted sipper, definitely worth settling in and spending a little time with...

applewood pollen.
50ml kakadu plum gin
3 pear slices
10ml økar gold
20ml lime
20ml green tea syrup
3 drops vanilla extract
muddle pear in a cocktail shaker. shake all ingredients. double strain into a chilled coupe. garnish with smoked geraldton wax.

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