With Peppermint Gum in Flower, There's No Better Time for a Southside Fizz.

With Peppermint Gum in Flower, There's No Better Time for a Southside Fizz.

With the hot, dry summer now in full swing, Peppermint Gum begins its annual bloom which floods the leaves with sugary oils and perfumes the air.

Its the peak of the season for Peppermint Gum and all those who love its menthol freshness, which means its the best time to use it in your cocktails - and even better in your garnish station. 

If you’re wanting to snag a Peppermint Gum sapling to plant in your own garden, be warned - these trees are vigorous and unforgiving to other small plants. These large trees can grow very large, anywhere from 12-16 meters, so are an investment in your home garden.

Despite its rapid growth Peppermint Gum is relatively easy to nurture, making it an ideal addition to your home garden for those who may not have a green thumb. Here’s a short care guide to show you just how easy it is to care for your Peppermint Gum.

Location: Plant peppermint gum in a location that receives partial to full sunlight. It thrives in well-draining soil with good moisture retention.

Planting: Choose a spot with enough space as peppermint gum tends to spread vigorously. Consider planting it in containers or using barriers to contain its growth.

Watering: Water the plant regularly, especially during dry spells, but ensure proper drainage to prevent root rot. Peppermint Gum once mature can withstand long dry spells.

Pruning: Regularly trim the plant to prevent it from overtaking your garden. Pruning also encourages new growth and helps maintain its flavor and vigor.

Harvesting: When the plant reaches maturity, harvest the leaves by snipping them near the stem. Use fresh leaves or dry them for later use in cocktails or food.

For those who might now have the will or time to care for a Peppermint Gum tree, Warndu have done all the work for you with this amazingly aromatic Peppermint Gum leaf - which works perfectly in a Southside Fizz.



Southside Fizz

Crafted with Applewood Signature Gin, lime juice, and a homemade Peppermint Gum Syrup, this cocktail is a riff on the classic Southside, but with a little added lengthening from your soda water.


60ml Applewood Signature Gin

30ml Lime Juice

15ml Peppermint Gum Syrup*


In a shaker, combine Applewood Signature Gin, lime juice, and Peppermint Gum Syrup. Add ice to the shaker and shake vigorously until well combined and chilled. Strain the mixture into a highball glass filled with ice. Top the drink with soda for that sparkling finish.

Garnish your Southside Fizz with a sprig of fresh mint for an aromatic touch.


*Making Peppermint Gum Syrup

To create the Peppermint Gum Syrup that adds a unique twist to this cocktail, follow these simple steps:

Take 5g of Warndu's dried Peppermint Gum leaf. Add it to warm sugar syrup and let it infuse for approximately five minutes. Strain the syrup to remove the leaves, ensuring a smooth texture.

Bottle the Peppermint Gum Syrup for future cocktail endeavors or to add a minty kick to various drinks creations.