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Gin of Wrath

We love a great many things at Applewood HQ - Gin, 90s Hip Hop, BBQs and...Spice.

We've been toying with the idea of a chilli-Gin for quite some time now, and this was the perfect time to unleash those creative desires and embody them in a single release...


Gin of Wrath - We pulled out the big guns when it came to crafting this recipe. First cab off the rank? Bird's Eye Chillies locally grown in the Riverland for that uplifting, sharp aromatic effect...then we balanced that out with a handful of Chipotle Tipico courtesy of our mates down at Chilli Mojo - but we weren't done yet.

Next up was a large bottle of Sriracha - the whole thing of course...and the pièce de résistance? We got in touch with the kind folks down at Shima Wasabi for some Tasmanian-grown, fresh Wasabi root!

No Applewood recipe would be without some native-Aussie love either...and playing on the theme that lime and pepper go well with chilli - we decided to throw in a bunch of Fingerlimes and Pepperberries whilst we were at it!

A handful of Macadamia and Black Cardamom later...and we're most of the way finish it up - a much-welcome quadruple-hit of Juniper for a piney-resinous balance.

If spice and green is your thing - Gin of Wrath will be your jam!