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The Gentleman

When we think Malt, we think class. Chesterfield lounges, glass of Malt and a roaring fire. Perfect to make your Dad feel like a Gentleman.

This pack contains two of our latest malt editions in our portfolio. They are a snapshot in time 

1 x 500ml Colonial Malt: Tribute to 1790s pesky Irish convicts that were going bush to craft 'moonshine' and were causing a bit of an upset in the new Australian colonies. Gotta love the Irish! 100% from South Australian barley malt grown in the mid-north of South Australia. Double pot-distilled and bottled for your enjoyment. Challenge your mates to drink this one!

1 x 500ml Baby Malt: Crafted from 100% South Australian malt fermented, distilled and matured at the Applewood Distillery in the Adelaide Hills. Maturation occurred for 6 months in small 50L re-coopered tawny casks, 80 years of age and uncharred. Bright & easy drinking.  

Note: Our Whisky making venture is getting exciting. These are a snapshot in time and will ensure that you will own the first releases to this ever growing portfolio.